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Principal, Alicia Greenidge

Merging technical expertise and experience with bottom-up needs identification and relationship building, Ms. Greenidge manages teams of experts and delivers customized tailored, advisory support and  outputs.  Where developed and advanced countries maintain cadres of in-house technical support and advisors, Ms. Greenidge has served, with the team of experts, over 10 years providing similar ad hoc in-house support to developing countries, the LDC Group,  vulnerable economies, African, Caribbean and Pacific States, at the WTO to advance their priorities and engagement to improve their participation in the rules based organization and at the table.  

Ms. Greenidge, through SAI collaborates in partnership with other organizations or other contracting administrative entities, to support developing countries, LDCs, LIDCs, and  emerging economies.  She has collaborated on projects and activities with several international organizations and institutes such as WTO, UNCTAD, ITC, UNESCAP, UNECA, SADC, COMESA, ISDB, ADB, ACWL, DFAT, DFID-TAF, USAID, EU-TRADECOM/MTS, and others.

Ms. Greenidge holds a Masters Degree in Development Economics and Public International Law, and a Juris Doctorate.  She is an active member admitted to the bar, in the United States.

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