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Principal, Alicia Greenidge

The principal is a veteran trade negotiator with considerable experience as one of the lead negotiators for her government before the World Trade Organization among other trade platforms.  The principal introduces a brand of "in-house" advisory services, with proven skills arriving at solution-oriented strategies and convergence building, while defending interests, in trade deliberations and negotiations on WTO and other trade issues. 

Her background includes having served two decades in the U.S. government, starting her career in trade law as an attorney adviser on antidumping and countervailing duty cases and textile and apparel safeguards matters.

She participated in all WTO Ministerial Conferences since Singapore 1996, serving 10 years as senior counsel, then a deputy chief of mission and senior trade negotiator posted in Geneva at the WTO, and matters at UNCTAD, WIPO, WHO, and ITU.

Results from her work included:

  • Geneva lead negotiating the 1998 electronic commerce declaration;

  • TRIPS and Public Health decisions;

  • services trade and negotiations; 

  • accession negotiations,

  • the first trade-related investment measures extensions for a group of developing countries;

  • resolution of certain development- implementation issues in 2001, 2002, 2005, and 2006;

  • deliberations on special and differential treatment proposals;

  • WTO dispute settlement areas, and several other WTO deliberations. 

Merging technical expertise and experience with bottom-up needs identification and relationship building, she manages teams of experts and delivers customized tailored, advisory support and  outputs.  Where developed and advanced countries maintain cadres of in-house technical support and advisors, Ms. Greenidge has served, with a team of experts, nearly nine years providing similar ad hoc in-house support to developing countries, the LDC Group, small and low lying states and vulnerable economies at the WTO to advance their interests and engagement to improve the playing field at the table.  

Among those areas included are: 

  • technical inputs and assisting the WTO LDC Group in their drafting of a Services Waiver Collective Request in 2014, with capital based review before submission to the WTO;

  • introduction of a strategy for the LDC group and preparations leading up to and beyond the successful high-level meeting in 2015, which resulted in first time notifications of preferences under the LDC Services Waiver;

  • assistance on texts resulting in the LDC Services Decision adopted at the WTO's 10th Ministerial Conference (MC10)  in Nairobi;

  • and leading teams on LDC support on matters through six coordinations on multiple areas including e-commerce, services, industrial goods, designed and managed team analysis on the impact of covid- 19 trade-related measures on LDC exports and imports. 

Ms. Greenidge also provided analysis assessing LDC utilization of various agreements that contributed to the Istanbul Programme outputs and served on a mission and prepared reports with the International Trade Centre on non-tariff barriers and on the first LDC Services Waiver results of the 2015 High-Level Meeting.

She has also delivered experience-based practical training and workshops abroad and in Geneva on trade negotiation techniques and other WTO, bilateral, and regional trade issues. 

Training abroad included :


  • TRIPS negotiations issues in St. Lucia for the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States;

  • TRAPCA in Kigali, and Arusha;

  • Kathmandu for senior officials,

  • and others 

Since late 2011, Ms. Greenidge was also an expert adviser and team leader for Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) Group advisers including: 


  • leading up to and at MC8, MC9 (notably the expert developing with the Coordinator and Focal points and group as a whole, convergence text inputs arriving at agreement on the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA);

  • follow-on assistance in the ACP contribution to the TFA legal scrub and elaborating the creation of a TFA facility in the WTO initiated by the ACP Coordinator in 2014)

  • work on MC10, and the lead up to and

  • at MC11 on fisheries subsidies negotiations and its Ministerial Decision in Buenos Aires;

  • analysis on services trade, trade facilitation, fisheries regimes, WTO reform issues; 

  • designed and managed team analysis on the impact of covid- 19 trade-related measures on ACP State exports and imports, including examination of innovative sectors in response to covid-19 and new trade opportunities. 

Ms. Greenidge, as or through SAI collaborates in partnership with other organizations or other contracting administrative entities, to support developing countries, LDCs, LIDCs, and so-called emerging economies.

She has collaborated on projects and activities with several international organizations and institutes such as WTO, UNCTAD, ITC, UNESCAP, UNECA, SADC, COMESA, IDB, ADB, ACWL, DFAT, DFID-TAF, USAID, EU-TRADECOM/MTS, and others.

Ms. Greenidge holds a Masters Degree in Development Economics and Public International (specialty on Law of the Sea) and a Juris Doctorate, is admitted to the bar in the United States, and is a Member of the International Law Association in London.

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