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Principal, Alicia Greenidge

Founder, President

The principal is a seasoned trade negotiator with considerable experience as one of the lead negotiators for her government before the World Trade Organization among other trade platforms.  The principal introduces a brand of "in-house" advisory services, with proven skills arriving at solution-oriented strategies and convergence building, while defending interests, in trade deliberations and negotiations on WTO and other trade issues. 

Her background includes having served two decades in the U.S. government, starting her career in trade law as an attorney adviser on antidumping and countervailing duty cases and textile and apparel safeguards matters.

She participated in all WTO Ministerial Conferences since Singapore 1996, serving 10 years as senior counsel, then a deputy chief of mission and senior trade negotiator posted in Geneva at the WTO, and matters at UNCTAD, WIPO, WHO, and ITU.

Results from her work included:

  • Geneva lead negotiating the 1998 electronic commerce declaration;

  • TRIPS and Public Health decisions;

  • services trade and negotiations; 

  • accession negotiations,

  • the first trade-related investment measures extensions for a group of developing countries;

  • resolution of certain development- implementation issues in 2001, 2002, 2005, and 2006;

  • deliberations on special and differential treatment proposals;

  • WTO dispute settlement areas, and several other WTO deliberations. 

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Over 15 collaborating experts

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