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internship program

SAI offers a unique opportunity for motivated individuals to join a leading international trade advisory firm to build work experience in the exciting field of international trade where developments are rapidly shaping and considerable news coverage is given.


Successful candidates will be able to deepen their understanding of current issues within the multilateral trading system and get an insider’s perspective on how trade talks are carried out between delegates from a wide range of developing countries.


Since 2019, SAI has collaborated with 7 successful interns, from Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa, India, Bahrain and the United States of America. Some interns have pursued the internship for academic credit while others have sought to gain unique experience in WTO deliberations.


The intern’s work can typically involve:

• Carrying out research on specific issues as the need arises (depending on the particular meetings on the agenda – Trade in Goods, Trade and Intellectual Property, Trade in Services, Ecommerce, etc...);

• Support in anaylsing issues and  drafting statements for various WTO bodies;

•Taking part in in-person or virtual meetings/webinars on current hot topics in international trade;

• Prepare summary reports of  meetings/webinars.


Internship Details:
Duration: We encourage interns to pursue 6 months internship to deepen their understanding. Working hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm – 15 hours per week


  • Masters level degree in international relations, international trade, economics, business, management or any other relevant degree or working towards completion of a Masters degree.

  • Bachelors level students nearing completion of their course.

Languages: working knowledge of English and French

Candidates are expected to hold a valid Swiss student permit. Alternatively, candidates can carry out the internship in view of obtaining credit for their academic coursework.

Candidates will also be requested to submit samples of their written work on subjects of their choice ranging from business, economics, law and politics.

Candidates are invited to send their applications via email to:

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